Bruac Training Centre

A training center for girls aged 15-21 who are unemployed and at risk. There are 11 places on the course.

Address: Henry Street, Cork Tel: 021 4272156

Cork Simon Community

Voluntary organisation caring for homeless people: 24-hour emergency shelter, Residential Housing, Transitional Housing, Youth Drugs Project, Work Shop and other services in Cork.
Administration Office

Address: Graphic House, 69 Shandon Street, Cork
Tel: 021 4300970

Fundraising Office
Address: Graphic House, 69 Shandon Street, Cork
Tel: 021 4301472

Address: Anderson's Quay, Cork
Tel: 021 4278728

Simoncrafts - Workshop
Address: Anderson's Quay, Cork
Tel: 021 4278731

Youth Homeless Drug Prevention Project
Tel: 021 4278730
Settlement "Riverview" Apartments & Move-on Accomodation
Tel: 021 4279342

Mill House - Residential
Address: Lower Oliver plunkett Street, Cork
Tel: 021 4278734

Clanmorin House - Residential
Address: Boreenmanna Road, Cork
Tel: 021 4964375

Address: 97 North Main Street, Cork
Tel: 021 4300970

Cuanle Refuge

Refuge for abused women and children.
Address: Kyrl's Quay, Cork
Tel: 021-4277698

Edel House Residential Centre

Edel House is a residential centre for homeless girls, women and children. It has the facility for emergency, interim accommodation.

Address: Grattan St., Cork
Tel: 021 4274240
Fax: 021 4274160

Hearth Residential Parenting Unit

Hearth provides supervised accommodation for seven families for a period of three to six months.

Address: Redemption Road, Cork
Tel: 021 4397314

Riverview Residential Service

Residential centre for girls aged 15-18 who are homeless. It can provide accommodation for six girls.

Address: 3, North Mall, Cork
Tel: 021 4303216


A residential care centre creating a home environment for young girls who need alternative accommodation to home, or who are out of home.

Address: Wandesford Quay, (back of St. Maries of the Isle) Cork
Tel: 021 4318953


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